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One-Line Bio

I'm a published author - Long Journey to Rneadal was released early in 2009.


My discretionary time has always been spent reading a steady stream of books that provided my imagination with hours of entertainment as I sat transfixed visualizing alien worlds, creatures and alternative realities.

Daydreams are amazing diversions from an otherwise dreary workaday world. I’ve always thought everyone used half their brain to do their job while the remainder of their brain was somewhere in outer space. After many years of working for other people, I’ve learned that most people don’t and bosses are also an exception to this belief.

To me, it has always seemed that other people knew exactly what they wanted out of life while I kept plugging along working different jobs to earn a living. It took me twenty-five years before I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up. Putting my daydreams into writing has become a survival technique that prevents me from becoming a complete screaming maniac as opposed to the slightly off-kilter person I tend to be.


dogs, fishing, science fiction, movies, reading, writing, traveling, and wild animals